The economy in Newfoundland is not all doom and gloom!

After over 20 years in business Clarke has decided to introduce a BRAND NEW Realtor 70/30 Split. There are now 2 options to choose from. No matter what the economy shape, there is a contract to best suit your current situation. It isn’t easy to concentrate on your clients and self branding when you have to worry about high desk fees and expenses. Whichever you choose, we will have all the basic necessities of real estate covered, along with a super low desk fee. There are no hidden fees or surprises. What you see on your contract is exactly how it will be. This leaves you able to climb the ladder of success much easier.

Choose your contract and get started on the path to success TODAY!


New Contract A                                                     Contract B

NEW realtor contract           Second Realtor Contract


If you have any questions contact:

Barry Clarke: 589-9000

Natasha Clarke: 579-0000


Drop into our office at 2629 Topsail Road, Conception Bay South!


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