Get your financing in order — Drop into your local bank or mortgage brokers office and pre-arrange your financing – this will give you a price range of homes to start the search for your perfect home. Plus, it gives you a negotiating advantage when the seller of the home knows you are already pre-approved to purchase.

Prepare a checklist – List the features you want in a home (example: distance from work, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, distance from school, churches, shopping etc.)

Homeowners Insurance — Your insurance company will probably want to know the age of the roof shingles, plumbing system, electrical service, and heating system (especially if heated with an oil furnace – oil tanks over 10 years old may have to be replaced which could run up wards toward $1,000.00 or more!) If you are purchasing a home from outside the province and will not be living in it full time, you will most likely have to do some shopping around to find an insurance company willing to set up a policy. Your Real Estate Agent can assist you in finding a willing insurance company.

Legally speaking — Your lawyer will make sure the house you are purchasing is free and clear of any liens, outstanding taxes, work orders, etc. and will ensure that you are getting a good title to the property and will register the deeds and etc. in your name.

Free home buyers guide — Contact Barry for your free 44 page home buyers guide. It’s loaded with lots of very useful and practical information on one of the most important investments of your life.

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